Childhood Scar: by MOB

My parents weren’t there

Nor my elder sisters

And my younger sister sleeps, or at least pretends to be


I remember it vividly, although I’ve no reason to,

As far as I know nothing bad ever happened.


I would sit in the windowsill of mine and my sisters room

Just staring out of the window for what seemed like the whole night waiting…


I remember the position of the moon glow


The exact angle of the shadow

Cast off the hedgerow by the street lamp


And the feeling of unrest


The fear of the unknown

And a deepest feeling of not being able to fix or control the situation


A lack of ability

A lack of self


All I needed was to hear the sound of the car

The gravel crunching on the driveway is the signal she’s home

Childhood Scar.jpeg



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